Steinolf Hoenir

Halvor's Chief Skjald


Male Ulfen (Bard ??)


Despite being in his seventies and showing clear signs of physical weariness, Steinolf Hoenir is Halvor’s most trusted confidant. Appointed to the merchant karl soon after being granted the position by king Sveinn Blood-Eagle, Hoenir was at first a short-term representative from the king. After only a few months of service, the old man requested that he spend the remainder of his days in service to Geirstein; a request the Linnorm King granted. Hoenir is now an ever-present father figure to those in service to the merchant karl, telling tales of old to younger generations, while still committing actions of the current generation to memory. Most assume that Steinolf Hoenir will pass in only a few short winters, and it is the hope of those who know the old man, that his vast knowledge be passed on to another who will take on the mantle of skjald for Halvor Geir Geirstein.

Steinolf Hoenir

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