Halvor Geir Geirstein

Merchant Karl of Kalsgard


Male Ulfen (Barbarian ??)


A hearty, broad-chested Ulfen man who has just entered his fifties, Halvor Geir Geirstein is a powerful and respected merchant in city of Kalsgard. His history prior to arriving in the city some eight years ago is shrouded in mystery. Halvor often brushes off related questions with a shrug, and then changes the subject to someone else’s exploits. Halvor asks others of their lineage and history, wishing to know the life stories of those around him – to this end, Halvor holds his personal skjald Steinolf Hoenir in particular esteem. Now, the merchant karl lives a peaceful life in the city of Kalsgard, relying on a small and dependable inner circle of trusted advisors to help him maintain his mercantile endeavours.

Halvor Geir Geirstein

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