Erling Aren Scinfaxi

Battle Master of Halvor Geirstein


Male Ulfen (Ranger ??)


Unlike most Ulfen stock, Erling Aren Scinfaxi was born a lanky boy that lacked the physical presence that defined his people. Despite his physical handicap, Erling is adept in other ways, particularly when hunting with his bow, planning tactics, or gaining the respect of others (such as his massive wolf Icemaw). Meeting Halvor Geir Geirstein soon after he came to Kalsgard, the soon-to-be merchant karl recognized the innate talents Erling possessed and gave him the title of ‘Battle Master’, bringing the hunter and his large wolf companion into his inner circle. Erling now spends his days working with the karl in planning out defensive operations for their mercantile endeavours, and ensuring other factions in the region dare not oppose Geirstein.

Erling Aren Scinfaxi

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