Varisian Escort to Halvor Geirstein


Female Varisian (Rogue ??)


An open secret in the court of Halvor Geir Geirstein, is his use of a prostitute by the name of Dyrfinna. A curvy Varisian woman of varied talents, Dyrfinna often lounges in the estate of the karl, soliciting her unique ‘services’ to those who require companionship. Because of her distinctive relationship with the karl’s servants, she is able to interject with her own commentary, despite not being considered one of the karl’s inner circle. Dyrfinna maintains intimate relationships with most of Geirstein’s servants, though she shares a special, but cool, relationship with Akiko Nanami. The yojimbo has a sour view of prostitution due to her personal history, but accepts that Dyrfinna has made the choice on her own and was not forced into her current lifestyle.


Blood Bound Rugult