Akiko Nanami

Halvor Geirstein's Bodyguard


Female Tian (Samurai XX)


Passing the Crown of the World only three years ago, Akiko Nanami was poor and in an alien land. A slender and beautiful woman, Akiko had trained in the martial arts of her homeland but was forced to flee after being implicated in some dishonourable affair which she refuses to speak of. When first coming to Kalsgard, the Tian woman was forced to sell her family sword in exchange for food and shelter for her and her family. Selling the blade brought the interest of undesirables who sought to force Akiko and her family into prostitution and slavery, a confrontation that she still bears a distinct facial scar from. Though she seldom speaks, it is understood that Halvor Geir Geirstein and Erling Aren Scinfaxi were somehow involved in saving Akiko and her family from these ruffians, and afterwards Halvor helped Akiko repurchase her family blade. Ever since the karl’s intervention, Akiko Nanami has taken on the role of personal protector to Halvor, referring to herself as his ‘Yojimbo’.

Akiko Nanami

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